A Day Out to Changi Airport Terminal 3

A Day Out to Changi Airport Terminal 3

T3 is one of my favourite places to roam because of its spaciousness. For a 15-month-old toddler, it is the perfect place for J to expend his energy by exploring the different features. This time round, I was determined to bring J to Singkids Playsystem. They had such colourful kiddy rides and play areas that would be the perfect play haven. We were feeling hungry, so we had to pass by Singkids Playsystem (before returning) but the floating balloons captured J’s attention along the way! He spent the next 15 minutes totally engrossed in the flying colours. Haha…


It was close to lunch time when we had our lunch at the nearby Kopitiam food court. Place was crowded but thankfully, we managed to find a 4-seater. Plopping J into a high chair, I whipped out his baby porridge while Hubby went to buy lunch for us. The crowded food court proved a dangerous place for a baby on high chair as many people were seen carrying bowls of hot soup and mini hot-pots. I had to use my hand to shield J from an incoming people who were carrying these dangerous stuff and locating their seats at the same time. Lunch time makes Kopitiam a warzone!


Hubby later suggested that J sat next to me on a chair while I placed a hand on his thigh to make sure he does not climb or slide out of his chair. Ok, so I fed him this way. Lunch was so-so, with typical Kopitiam-style food.


After lunch, we headed back to Singkids and lo and behold, it was c.r.o.w.d.e.d. with children of all ages! J would easily be the youngest toddler if he were there. With a look of dismay, we decided we had to call it off and meanwhile enjoy the rest of what T3 could offer.


I was feeling tired by then, after a long morning getting him ready and prepping him for the trip. It was a little disappointing because it was not a good time to go Singkids but it was still family time we treasured. 🙂 J was visibly tired too.. Haha..



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