End of Term for P6s

End of Term for P6s

Today was the last day of my English lesson with the P6s, as the following Thursday would be their English paper. Perhaps it had been the rapport forged through these few months, I started to miss them before the lesson even ended. It was a good 10 months of teaching and learning. This batch of P6s have been very hardworking, trying their best to overcome the odds and even encourage each other on to press on. I have been really proud of them.

Group of P6 pupils, together with J and myself
Group of P6 pupils, together with J and myself

I’m glad to have accomplished the following with this current batch:

1) taught a spread of components throughout the year so as not to neglect any one aspect.

2) introduce healthy competition amongst the class (for synthesis and transformation especially) to encourage them to pursue excellence.

3) instil a sense of camaraderie in helping each other overcome weaknesses in a certain area of the language.

4) the group actually became friends with each other.

5) we managed to finish almost 99.9% of the planned work.

6) they had an occasional 5 minute break (I let them watch educational videos on my fb page ‘Learning At Ms Seow’s’ on days where their minds felt saturated.

7) planned a Children’s Day celebration just for them after their PSLE.

8) I did not take off-days due to my health-related issues. I had no major health issue this year. (Thank God!)

While my Fridays (2 weeks later) will be replaced by a P4 Maths group, I certainly look forward to graduating more classes in time to come. 🙂


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