Maybe He’s A Lefty

Maybe He’s A Lefty

It was just another afternoon of mother and son time, this time of doodling on his magna-doodle board. I came to observe that J was using his left hand to draw most of the time.

From what I recall the responses of my family members from a few months back… they (including me) would like to try him with increased exposure of starting out with his right hand and see if he then tends towards the right hand.

It had been about a month since and J still gravitated towards using his left hand.

For Hubby and I, we think that J might have taken to my genes in this aspect, as I’m a lefty too. We’re pretty cool about that and not insistent not biased against being a lefty. I mean, how could I? *chuckle* =)


Just last night, J surprised us by exclaiming ‘O!’ a few times. It was then that we realised he had learnt to draw an ‘O’ and wanted to show it to us. What a milestone!!


Though not too nicely drawn, I thought it was a feat, coming from a fifteen month old toddler. My heart beamed with pride. I was really happy for him.

How exactly he knew what ‘O’ was, was due to the letter being part of his name. Since he was 5 months, Hubby and I have been teaching him how to spell his name. He can recognise all the letters of his name by 9 months old and now, wow, even attempt to write it!

Nurture has give a long way and will continue to. That’s why being an SAHM gives me such satisfaction in seeing J grow up. It allows me to share these with Hubby too and it definitely brings joy to the family.


3 thoughts on “Maybe He’s A Lefty

    1. That really took us by surprise. =) I guess nurture makes a difference to a child and to actually see him pick up relevant skills paves the journey to a love towards learning.

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