I Cannot Afford to Reinvent the Wheel… I need to Modify the Parts!

I Cannot Afford to Reinvent the Wheel… I need to Modify the Parts!

As much as I love to teach, I need to use a little more creativity in getting myself more students under me. This has been a constant challenge ever since I started giving home tuition. By the time I’ve prepared what I needed to for the day, for J, for Hubby, with all the waiting chores, I’m already dead beat. I simply cannot move. Get more students? That easily gets pushed to the back of my mind, which desperately needs rest. It is not that I’m a slacker or want the easy way out of life. Life is already sapping me out in all possible directions.

I’m on to a new idea that came to me, a modification of what I do, which was to simply give out flyers in the hope of someone responding to my piece of paper. That did not work. I needed to ‘feel’ the ground and know what they were looking out for at this crucial period of exam fever. Aha! I would attempt to run Maths Clinics, for the students who have difficulties solving what they already have on their plates. I figured that would be more relevant to the students and not add on more word problems to the barrage that they already have. Many students have good support from homes that give them mock papers after mock papers. What they lack is someone trained in teaching and the syllabus to go through those papers with them and guide them through their learning (or unlearning). I thought I fit the bill.

Thereafter, if students find my services reliable and my teaching competent, I’d ask if they would like to continue with me for tuition in the following year.

So, off I went to create my flyer, targeting at parents who needed help for their children with present struggles in their Maths concepts or work. They sign up a slot or two with me during the PSLE marking days, where I will sit through with them, one-to-one, and guide them through their learning.

So far, after promoting to the parents of my ex-students, I’ve got 2 slots filled. Thank God! There are 10 more to go. Setting off to Cold Storage to place an ad on the advertisement board there for interested parents. Do pray for me!tuition-in-singapore


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