God Provides! Bingo!

God Provides! Bingo!

In a follow up to my previous post on Modifying the Wheel, I received 3 calls yesterday, two days after pasting an ad at Cold Storage as well as to the neighbouring blocks of flats near my place! Of the 3 calls, one needed time to reconsider; a second was very interested in tuition in the long haul for 2 subjects and a third practically booked all my available slots for the PSLE marking days.

All I could respond was ‘THANK YOU, GOD!’ I had called out to Him about a week ago in desperation for more pupils to fill in my slots and He was faithful. He answered my prayers. In fact, His answer was ‘yes’.

Ok, I need to reflect on what I had done and the response of the parents who called.

1) I had met the needs of the parents at this point in time. Many are looking for tutors now to coach their children in last minute revision right before the on start of the final year examinations.

2) Amongst the parents are those who double up as teachers, who are themselves posted to schools for PSLE marking, and so are unable to coach their own children (some of whom need attention). This is where I come in, as someone trained, to come hand-in-hand with the parents, to guide their child.

3) I had sent out the flyers at an appropriate time of the day. I chose between 12.30 – 1.30 pm to paste the flyers at blocks just some distance from a nearby school. This would make the flyers more visible to parents who bring lunches to their children during lunch time. Also, it is also the time that some school children are dismissed from school. Helpers or parents who bring these children home will have a higher chance of passing by and reading these flyers.

4) I had been very specific in the dates and timing for consultation in my flyers. This would be helpful to parents who are interested as they are able to check against their own calendars and schedules before calling me to register for a consultation session.

Ok, so now, I need to continue reinventing the wheel… Gotta move on. I cannot dwell in my small ‘success’ and stay complacent.

I checked against my schedule and realised that I could possibly open 2 more afternoons and run similar sessions as those days were no longer occupied by the existing primary 6 pupils already. That would give me more leverage to reach out to more parents and pupils and share about my services with them. Yahoo! Thank God for giving me the idea. 🙂

A quote by author Mondy Gibbins-Klein of the book ‘How to be an Expert in your Own Field’ mentions…

‘… if you are in business, you need to find a way to promote yourself or you will not succeed. This is basic marketing. … Be aware, however, that whatever methods you choose, you will still need to lead the program and guide the agency or your advocates so that you end up with the results you want’.

This is so true.


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