Sick but got to keep occupied

Sick but got to keep occupied

Little J fell ill this morning with a fever 38.4 degrees and I had to stay at home with him. No church for us. I had to not only prepare his medicine and changes of clothes etc but also to occupy him meaningfully such that he did not exert himself.

So starting at 8.30am, we started on some colouring. J liked crocodiles so we chose a picture of a crocodile to colour. Instead of using his usual left hand, J decided to colour with both hands. Haha.. Ambidextrous???
Outcome of the colouring wasn’t too bad for a 16 month old.



Hubby joined in the colouring for awhile before washing up to go to church. Glad they had some father-son time. =)


After which was lunch time. Porridge was fed to J but due to his fever, what felt warm to the touch was hot to him. He spit out a few mouthfuls of porridge and started playing with the bits of ingredients on the tray of his high chair. I had to then make sure his porridge was cool before serving to him. That eased the discomfort. As he liked songs, I turned on YouTube to his favourite songs and played them (screen face down on the table as we do not encourage him to be acquainted with smart phones). His favourite songs included If You’re Happy, The Alphabet song, 两只老虎 and拔萝卜. We sang, did actions and the feeding session was much more bearable for the both of us. In 45 minutes, he finished all the porridge.

I knew he was uncomfortable with the heat in him and the poop he created during the meal. Still, it was a happy time with us.

Lunch over, I had his butt washed, body wiped (no baths during fevers as they cause chills and aggravate the fever) and made him comfy for his afternoon nap.

Little J, cheeky as usual, took a long time to settle down. I had to ask him to identify the animals on his mattress cover in order for him to put his head on the mattress. It worked. He remained cheeky by wanting to have all three bolsters to himself. What a sight! We both chuckled.



Somehow that made him comfortable and he turned to his front and huffed off into deep sleep. Hooray!!


Sleep is so important to a child,especially when they are ill. Just as important to the parent who might need that time to rest before the child wakes!!

His mercies are new every morning. Great is Thy faithfulness!


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