A Pretty Bad Week with Things to be Thankful About Still

A Pretty Bad Week with Things to be Thankful About Still

In my earlier posts regarding J falling ill due to HFMD and my Uncle’s passing, I had been very drained physically and emotionally. It was quite a roller-coaster.

As such, I had to cancel all my additional tuition sessions in the mornings of the PSLE marking exercise. Those earnings were supposed to be meant for an upcoming medical appointment but I guess God, in His sovereignty, will bring me through this. He allowed incidents to pop up every now and then despite our plans, to show me that He is the one truly in control of my destiny. I had been praying and asking Him to grant me more business, and He has also shown me that as much as He can grant these to me, He can also choose to take it away. I’m not angry nor emotional about it, just reaffirmed about who is in control of all situations.

This week, J is supposed to be well from HFMD. The GP who had diagnosed him with HFMD told me to bring him back for a review a week later (Sunday, 20 October), when all the spots on his body have disappeared. Apparently, they did not, so I hesitated bringing him to the clinic, lest it turned out unfruitful.

I was thankful I did not bring him to the clinic, because as soon as it was Sunday evening, I felt myself down with chills and a very bad migraine. Took paracetamol but it did not work. Middle of the night, I downed two capsules of Panadol Extra to relief the pain in my throbbing head. Only then did the pain subside… momentarily.

Next morning, my Mum came to my place to help take care of J while I went for a medical appointment. Later that afternoon, I was scheduled to have tuition. Still, I didn’t feel too well and popped two more panadol extra. Fever came and went, many times. I had no choice but to cancel both the medical appointment and my tuition. Came evening, my Mum suggested I went to see the GP. I heeded her advice.

HORROR OF HORRORS, I was confronted with. I was down with HFMD myself!!!

That was such a downcast moment. I was given a full week of MC and had to cancel all tuition for the week. There goes my income for almost 2 weeks (last week and this).

Today is the third day of my HFMD. There are numerous sores all over my body and the most irritating ones happen to be on my fingers. They prevent me from doing much chores. Even squeezing water from a cloth gently was painful as the little sores were so tender to the touch. Another spot was the feet. Thank God there weren’t too many spots, as every step felt like stepping on knives. I walked like an Ah Ma (old grandmother). Embarrassing to say, I had sores down there too and my, it was surely uncomfortable. Whoever said it was just hand-foot-mouth only? I’m temporarily disfigured as well, with 5-6 spots appearing at my mouth, nose and lips.

Though it was quite an experience for me, I’m still thankful I learnt a few things from this episode:

1) Never take your body for granted. When it is healthy, treat it well. Give it the nutrients it needs and it will serve you well. It serves as a testimony too.

2) I got to spend extra time with J. Now that we are in the same boat, we sleep in the same room (so as not to infect Hubby).

3) I can empathise with those suffering from HFMD.

4) The parents of the pupils I’m currently teaching are very understanding of my situation, and some have been keeping my family in their prayers.

5) J has been very understanding of my situation and would play on his own when I needed a short rest due to the fatigue.

6) Never share food and utensils with those who have HFMD as it is very contagious.

If you would like to find out more about HFMD, do click on the following website.




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