Becoming a full time Mum, finally!

Becoming a full time Mum, finally!

We had to make the decision to pull J out of infant care last Thursday due to a few outstanding issues. Throughout the past ten months J was there, he learnt much and developed well. He had very good and caring caregivers who spent quality time teaching him songs and spending time to read with him. Not till I found out what had been happening for the past week or so.

Alas, all good things do eventually come to an end when I found out that the teachers had been screening YouTube videos to the class ‘as and when the teacher’s laptop if not in use’. The idea was hatched by a senior teacher and the teacher in-charge when they thought that screening children’s videos would be an excellent way to keep all children under their care occupied and they could also freely express themselves whilst listening and watching the videos.

These were what the senior teacher shared with me, and she told me, in all enthusiasm, that J had been dancing round the room, clapping and singing along, as well as walking right up to the front of the room to where the screen was to look at the video. It was only when he realised that he could not see the visuals that he backed off slowly. The other babies kept their eyes glued to the screen in the dimly lit room. J, being an active child, would be jumping lots and going right in front of the screen. Imagine the kind of harm it does to his eyes? None of the teachers stopped this action from happening, nor cautioned him of his actions.

All these sharing rang many big bells in my head. My mind went: WHAT?! You super wu eng hor? (you are so free) Why do we pay you for? To screen YouTube videos? MIght as well I do it at home.

After 2 nights of discussing through with Hubby, we decided to pull him out of the centre and I would be the Mummy in-charge from then on, taking care of his needs, values, education, making of friends, till he is ready to enter pre-nursery for 3 hours or so of play time in 2015.

Ok, at this juncture, I can really say that I’m an SAHM, an actual one. Haha… lots of ground work to be done.

Immediately, I needed to get routines and charts and to-dos up. I needed to plan a learning chart for J, to plan a routine for myself in terms of doing the daily chores, to incorporate play dates into J’s schedule and to arrange time to bring J out for learning journeys. He had better not miss out and get more out of being homeschooled by Mummy!! 🙂

I’m simply thrilled to embrace this new change. No doubt, there will be less personal time than before and there will be more demands on my end in terms of taking care of him, bringing him to my routine health check ups etc, but it’s all part of being one SAHM, being there for him during his formative years as a toddler and a young child.

There will be more posts to come, definitely, as things at home shape up in these few weeks.

Mummy and J
Mummy and J

His mercies are new every morning. Great is Thy faithfulness!


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