Oh no, I’ve not written! 😣

Oh no, I’ve not written! 😣

What has happened? I realised I had taken a year’s undeclared ‘leave’ from this blog. Excuses aside, I ought to get back to this…

Some updates about my life:
1) pregnant with our second child now! Yay. 🙂 I’m into week 31, and in exactly 2 months, I’m going to ‘Pop!’

2) My elder son, J, has grown into a ‘big boy’, as he proudly calls himself now. Yes, he’s been taking more responsibility in managing his belongings, bathing on his own while under my close guidance, doing simple chores like clearing his toys after play and making his own bed every morning.

3) I’m still in tutoring, yet moving on to new horizons… 2 years back, I was exploring the possibility of giving tuition to secondary school students. I was then green to the syllabus and had lots of fears and doubts of my ability to connect (or reconnect) with the syllabus. Today, 2 years later, it’s been a wonderful journey challenging myself to greater heights as I continue to pursue new levels and horizons. I took on secondary 2 Maths last year and this year, am taking on secondary 3 E and A Maths. Woohoo! What a roller coaster of learning. Real fun! Not looking back at all… I’ve since stopped giving English tuition and fully concentrating on just Mathematics.

4) Laatly, one really major update about my life is that I’ve taken to more healthy living. Not just do I want to live healthy, there must be a way to do it effectively and in a cost-saving way. That is what I set myself to do this coming 2015. I’ve turned to more home cooked fare (which I will share over this blog), and looking into recipes that are nutritious and easy to prepare, given my tight schedule. Also, care and thought goes into the upkeeping of the house, and items like cleaning detergents and soaps are mostly environmentally friendly or natural products that will not do adverse harm to our bodies.

I’ll share more about life as I journey along this year and more… Too much on my mind now yet Baby and I need to rest. (Been having stuffy nose for a few nights and super disturbed sleep, so badly need a good rest!)

It’ll be an early day tomorrow too, as I make an early trip to Suntec for Baby World fair! Got a list of things to grab for J and Baby and then rush back home for tuition by 2pm, hopefully!!!



4 thoughts on “Oh no, I’ve not written! 😣

  1. Hi, I followed your blog because I felt we had very similar profiles (teacher turned SAHM cum tuition teacher). Congrats on your 2nd pregnancy and look forward to reading more from your blog!

    1. Thanks bumblebeemum for your encouragement.:) I hope to be more regular in updating this blog, as parenthood teaches so many things, that if I don’t document it down, learning will lose track of itself. I’ll also lose out the chance to sharw it with likeminded friends like you.

      1. Exactly, I also feel that if I don’t blog, I would eventually forget a lot of the precious moments of my kids’ growing up process. I also took ‘partial leave’ last year from my blog to help publish a TYS, so I’m trying to make it up this year by trying to document as much as I can.

  2. That’s great.:) I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts and use it as a gauge before deciding whether to bring J to some of the indoor playgrounds around Singapore. They are really informative and I see you really spend a lot of quality and meaningful time with your kids. Let’s jia you!

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