Baby World Fair 2015

Baby World Fair 2015

It was an early morning… After sleeping at 1.30am, I woke at 6.30am to an excitement. Baby World Fair!!! I’m not really a fan of such fairs because I dislike the crowds. This time, it’s different as I had a list of items to purchase, in high hopes. Ha!



1) cloth diapers
2) breast pads
3) milk bottles
4) milk bottle teats

Top of the list of items was cloth diapers, something I intend to start my baby on, from the time he turns 2 months. Why so? The first month would probably have lots of poop after every feed and with cloth diapers, this would be very messy. The pooping would be less frequent thereafter and more predictable as well.

Outcome: I got a set of 6 from Moo Moo Kow! Yay.
This would be 12 diapers now, 6 from Raf Raf, plus another 6 used ones from Bumwear from a friend.

Thereafter, I failed to get any other item I had initially planned to… It was just too crowded, given that I reached at 10am (opening time) on the first day. And it’s a Friday somemore. Hmm…

Well, I had other loots. ๐Ÿ™‚
I got 20 small clothes hangers. J has some of his own but with baby coming, well, we’d need a lot more.
20 hangers for $10, Puku brand. Great!

On the way, I bought 3 bibs for J. His is so worn out that the plastics are peeling out from the back. 3 for $10, and he loved it!! Great animal designs from a random store.

Registered myself with Delphin for a maintenance of my system at home. Complimentary service for members, so yay! Got a complimentary set of containers, courtesy of Delphin too!

So many gadgets, so many things on sale. It made me feel that kids these days are really pampered and well provided for… Wow!

Well, J and Baby are going to live a happy and relatively simpler life, I concluded. It’s really fine with us, as happiness and togetherness really can’t be bought with money or tangibles.


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