Apple and pork ribs soup recipe

Apple and pork ribs soup recipe

I adapted this recipe from a variety of websites, and it is supposedly good for treating coughs. J woke up many times last night with a persistent dry cough, all of a sudden. Regardless of what Hubby and I did (gave warm water, apply Cherry Chest Rub, gave cough medication for cough and phlegm), put him on the rocker to sleep instead of the bed, sleeping on the mattress thereafter), none quite seemed to work. After an hour or so, the medication probably knocked J out so badly that he just slept. He woke up this morning at his usual 8.15am timing. I was half expecting him to sleep through till 10am due to the lack of rest the night before. In a daze, he told me he was awake but thought he looked real lethargic. He wouldn’t return to sleep so I decided to get him ready for childcare.

Half my mind was questioning what to cook for dinner… Flipping through recipe books, winter melon with chicken sounded perfect! Then I remembered J’s cough last night, which prompted me to prepare tonight’s apple pork ribs soup.

Here are the ingredients: (serves 2 – 3)

– 1 Fuji apple, cut into 8 slices and halved into 16 pieces to make it bite sized

– 8 dried res dates (seed removed) – 3 dried figs – 15g sweet almonds (南杏)

* adding bitter almonds expel phlegm and are usually put together with sweet almonds. I didn’t put bitter almonds in as I read that bitter ones contained trace amounts of cyanide, a toxin.

– 3 pieces prime ribs (pork)

* I use prime ribs as when scalded, not as much ‘dirt’ comes out from the bones. They are easier to eat too, without having to worry about small bits of bones that are chipped off while boiling, as compared to using spare ribs.

– 1.5 liters of water

IMG_3964 Method:

1) I soaked the dried foods in water to make sure they are clean

2) Scalded the prime ribs in boiling water for 5 minutes

3) Use a strainer to bring out prime ribs to a bowl of cold water to rinse out the ‘dirt’

4) Put all ingredients into slow cooker

5) Pour the stock that was used to scald the prime ribs into the slow cooker, making sure that the ‘dirt’ has been removed from the stock

6) Top up the water in slow cooker to cover all ingredients

7) Bring to high heat for an hour, followed by low heat for 2 hours (or longer)

Hoping that this home-cooked remedy is able to soothe J’s throat and give him better sleep tonight.


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