Coffee drip, how I wish!!

Coffee drip, how I wish!!

Living in the 3rd trimester with another toddler in the house is tiring! At 33 weeks now, I’d be craving for an intravenous infusion of caffeine every now and then. I’ve been googling about the ‘effects of coffee’ ever since my first pregnancy and the temptation this time to keep coffee out of my wake-up equation is just so out of the way!

I’ve succumbed to coffee many times this round, especially the second trimester, where I try to do as much as I can before I get irreversibly tired by third trimester.

Just another few weeks to go before delivery, I always tell myself… Ya, and then more thoughts of coffee when I get really tired. Ha! As long as I can hold on, I’ll try. Glad to have Hubby’s support throughout this pregnancy and encouragement that this phase will soon pass.


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