Treasure Life

Treasure Life

I pondered over existence today. It hit me that life is so so fragile and life, even before it has been borned, ought to be celebrated and treasured as much as when it has been borned.

While some mothers have difficult pregnancies with conditions and discomfort, sometimes pain, a life is still being sustained within her throughout the 9 months. It’s a miracle that it can even be sustained! On the other hand, there is also a group of mothers who experience the joy of having found to be conceived and then having the pregnancy terminated by natural factors. The sudden grabbing away of immense joy, though I can’t quite comprehend, must have felt akin to having lost a loved one who had been on earth.

This reflection taught me to be thankful for even the little hiccups I’ve experienced in the previous pregnancy and the current one. Nevermind the discomfort or pain or inconvenience, just tahan through it and take good care when entrusted the life in me. It’s my responsibility and the result, whether favourable or not, will have to leave it to God. Life indeed, short or long, needs to be treasured.



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