Getting Ready for Maternity Leave

Getting Ready for Maternity Leave

At 36 weeks and 6 days, I’m but a day to carrying a full term baby. Labour could come on any moment and I’m getting heavier, clumsier and more uncomfortable by the day. Maternity break from tuition is something I’m looking forward to, to spending much needed time for last-minute preparations, personal time-alone outings with J and getting the house in order. Of course, there’s much needed rest needed too. 

Everything seems to be moving in slow motion these days. I can’t walk as fast, for one, and contractions plus kicks come up every other 5 minutes or so. There’s a tense ‘battle’ in there. Haha…

These, and a series of medical appointments prompted me to start maternity leave from week 38. That leaves me one more week of tuition before resuming lessons in June. Hopefully then, I’d be in a good state to have lessons and the Baby is more or less settled with some form of routine of his own.

For myself, I had to come up with a different set of routines of how to run the chores, with the Baby, with Joash and whilst juggling tuition (and perhaps an assignment based job, if God-willing).

These are some of the routines planned to be carried out post-confinement. Looks like a lot to fulfil and there will probably be fine-tuning as I rough it out after the confinement lady goes back. 

On the tuition front, all students and parents have been notified of my break and homework all allocated for the next few months. Life will never be the same again when the Baby is born and we are surely looking forward to it. 

Before I end this post, I’d like to wish one and all a blessed Lunar New Year. 🙂


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