One Last Time… Really?

One Last Time… Really?

I always tell myself that time is running out and I need to spend that time alone with J before the baby pops out. I’d then plan an exclusive date with J and spend really good time with him. One last time before I pop…

Ha! Really meh? Who am I kidding? 😆

Everytime I tell myself that, I’d then manage to squeeze yet another exclusive date with J, again before I pop. So far, it’s been 2 dates to Holey Pokey (Millennia Walk and Seletar Mall respectively), numerous trips to the library, shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for Hubby, and today’s trip to Changi Airport’s T1 and T3. 

I guess I really want to spend much quality time with J before things get really busy! As much as ‘challenging’ twos may be, I actually enjoy the time we spend together. The little outings, experiences we share and nightly chats we have are so precious and I look forward to my last 3 weeks passing by slowly so that I can spend more time with him.


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