A Family of Four, Finally!

A Family of Four, Finally!

It was the mid afternoon of 2 March, 2015, when I was awoken by a beep on my hand phone. It was Hubby, texting to say he was on the way home from work. I replied him how warm I was feeling and intended to have a bath before preparing dinner and then picking J up from childcare. It was my off day from tuition…

POP!!! Drip drip drip… Oops! 

Water bag burst??!! 😳

Apparently so. Immediately washed up and put a pad on and waited. Called Hubby to stand by and quickly come home. 

Stood up from my sitting position and then…Gush!! Hot fluid was flowing and flowing. Oh no, this has got to be it. I never thought Baby would be coming that soon.

The pace of events escalated from there on. 

Called cab to go hospital, called Dad to pick J, called childcare to inform, inform all immediate relatives… 

Reached Thomson Medical Centre, went straight to delivery suite, labour progressed fast within the next hour. Pain came, ordered dinner of tuna sandwiches anyway. Pain intensified, hubby returned from hospital registration, Gynae Dr Benjamin Tham came to check. 3-4cm dilated!! Refused epidural, hung on when contractions came. Pain got worse an hour later, couldn’t smile. Nurse checked, 6cm dilated. Started shouting in pain, nurse told me not to push. Begged for epidural, hubby instructed to shove ethonox gas into my mouth. Nurse scolded me for pushing, I sweared I never. Nurse said ‘Aiya, baby coming out already! Doctor cannot come in time. I deliver you!’ In a minute, Josiah pushed himself out of the birth canal and he was born! 

Dr Tham delivered the placenta and did 3 small stitches. As Josiah was 2.35kg light, he came out fast and well and I hadn’t much of a tear wound. 

Thank God all went smoothly and I delivered Josiah naturally! ☺️ 


3 thoughts on “A Family of Four, Finally!

  1. Congrats!! The kiss from your hubby is so sweet… never had my water bag bursting before, you managed to stay so calm and settle all the logistics even after your water bag burst.. you go girl.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 It was all in perfect timing, and thankfully my elder boy was not with me (I had the intention of bringing him out that day, actually!). Phew. 😊

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