The Elder Sibling…

The Elder Sibling…

Since the younger J has been born (I shall call him J2), the older J (I shall call him J1) has been forthcoming in welcoming him into the family. 

From Day 1 when we knew I was expecting a younger sibling, Hubby and I recognized that one of our greatest challenges would be to teach J1 all about his sibling-to-come and to go about accepting him as part of the family. After all, he had been an only child for the past 2 years.

We started off by telling J1 one night before he slept, that I had a little baby in my tummy. J1 was excited but seemed not to really understand what we were driving at. Then we told him that he was going to have a little playmate, either a little boy or a little girl. He got excited and declared that I was having a little girl in my tummy. 

We got him involved in praying for his sibling and even rubbing my tummy to comfort it. 

Then, at 5 months of pregnancy, there came the moment of truth that we were going to have a little boy. 👶 J1 simply insisted that it had to be a little sister and it took us sometime to explain to him that it is God who chose to give a little sister or brother to him. This time, it would be a little brother. Gradually, he came to accept it as a fact. 

As pregnancy weighed heavily on me, my movements started to get slower and clumsier. J1 would patiently hold my hand when walking and at times, he would offer me a cushion to support my back when reading to him in the evenings. J1 actually took the responsibility of caring for his Mum and brother through such practical ways. These ways really warm my heart! For a little boy, I thought these actions were really a rare sight. Thank God indeed!

Finally, when J2 popped out, J1 had the chance of meeting him on the second day of my stay at the hospital. J1 was super excited over meeting J2 and immediately identified him as his 弟弟. He tried to touch J2’s hands and showed some displays of brotherly love. It never felt more heartwarming, coming from a sibling who has only seen his brother for the first time. He would utter ‘Didi, how are you? Are you hungry?’ 

Today is day 6 of J2’s birth, and J1 is still as sweet to his brother. He exercises patience when speaking or singing to him and holds him gently. At times, I find him acting really like a big brother.

I’m not too sure if it’s because we have prepared him way before my delivery and got him involved in his brother’s affairs that caused these sparks of caring behaviour. Certainly hope to continue with inculcating the proper values in good time so that both brothers can grow in godly ways together. 

May God be our strength and source of wisdom! 😊 


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