Falling sick…

Falling sick…

Finally, the dreaded day came when I fell sick. It was a hoarse throat and some soreness which I brushed off lightly. Then it developed into some phlegm, then cough, followed by fever and body aches. First thought that came to mind was if it was mastitis, a common inflammation of breast tissue in lactating mums. 

My fever was not particularly high and J2 was latching well, so perhaps it wasn’t the case. 

Tried to self medicate and got better, though recovery is slow. At the same time, J1 had caught on the cough and phlegm from me and possibly his classmate. With him down, I had to brace myself to take care of both boys for an entire day. 

The day went like this:

Before 9am: rushing to get both boys ready to see pd

9am: called cab, no cabs available, decided to take bus

9.30am: reached Anthony’s Baby and Child clinic, queue number 12. Pd seeing patient number 5. 

10am: saw Pd as patient numbers skipped to ours rather fast.😜

10.30am: left clinic, had brunch at coffee shop

11.30am: took bus, reached home. Take medicine, bathed J1, nursed J2, bathed J2, prepared milk for J1, I took my bath

2-4.30pm: J1 slept

3-4pm: I slept

3-5.15pm: J2 slept

What a day! Though it was hectic, I’m thankful that at least I made sure J1 had good rest and his medicine taken on time. Also, him not being in school also meant he wouldn’t be near to the classmate who has cough. He wouldn’t be passing his germs to others as well, so it was a win win. 

I’ll be keeping J1 at home tomorrow (and the weekend) as well and hope that by then, his cough would get better. Maybe it’s time for apple and pear soup for all tomorrow!


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