Falling sick (part 2)

Falling sick (part 2)

My day started rather early: 2.30am to be exact. Woke up feeling heavily engorged. I peered at J2, and he was still asleep, since 9pm. I was secretly happy… At least he’s sleeping longer in the nights. Some books would consider this amount of time to have already ‘slept through the night’.

And so I decided to pump out my BM. 2 minutes into the pumping, I heard ‘ehhh!! Ehhh!!!’ Okok, he’s up. Quickly went to store the precious 30ml in the fridge before carrying him out for a feed. 

He emptied a side before dousing into deep sleep. Oei!! I tried to tickle his cheeks… He didn’t budge. So I let him rest on my lap till he woke for another feed. One hour passed.. Still asleep. I decided to put him into his cot before expressing the BM from the other side out. 100ml! Wow, record volume.:)

I sterilized the pump and slumped onto J1’s bed. J1 had woken up from his sleep awhile and fell asleep on my side of the bed. Had a 5 minute nightmare of not being able to cope with tuition and home affairs. I’ve seriously been wondering how to cope with tuition sanely, now with two kids. 

Woke up with hearing ‘ehhh!!!’ Oh, it’s J2 calling again. Got up, fed him on emptied breasts (thank God supply is established and can still feed him with the freshest instant supplies).

Then came the drama…

J2 started to fuss and I kept feeding him. He kept drinking and fussing and suddenly spilt milk all over ourselves. Changed him, and he still fussed. Fed him and he passed motion. Changed him and comfort fed him till he slept at 6.30am. That was when I heard chuckling from the masterbed room. J1 is awake! Taa dah… There goes any more hopes of sleep. 😴Great! 

Thank God J2 slept till 9.30am and J1 and I had a great mother-son bonding. Played ball together, did reading together and also a few chores. Oh, and I prepared dinner as well! 

Here’s J1 helping me to clean the doors of the house. Apart from this, below is a summary of the wonderful morning…


It was 9.30am, and we heard the familiar ‘ehhh!!!’ Feeding time! Then we headed to ntuc for grocery shopping before returning home. 

My parents paid a surprise visit upon hearing I was unwell and bought J1 and I lunch. Because of that, I had the chance to visit the GP to get proper medication. 

Visit to the GP turned out fruitful. GP confirmed that I was indeed down with cough and phlegm bug. This had lowered my resistance and thus the fever and body aches suggested I have contracted mastitis. ‘Oh my!’ I exclaimed loudly in the consultation room… Thankfully it was still in the treatable stage.
Was thankful that for the rest of the day, my parents were around so I could take a short breather. We were all asleep by 8pm that night after 2 days of falling sick.


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