Back to work!

Back to work!

It’s been three weeks since resuming tuition lessons. Finally had some time to blog something, after a long while. I need to keep tabs on how I’m journeying… Time passes so fast these days that if I do not keep track of happenings, they will simply pass me by. Day by day flies and I can’t imagine 21 days of 24h fleeting by just like that…
My days have become extra hectic since returning to work. ‘Exhausting’ is probably the word that sums it up. A typical day would be like this…

Up at 7+am… after a night feed around 4+am and pumping of milk.

Prepare J1 for childcare, feed J2, settle my breakfast, send J1 to childcare.

Grocery shopping about twice a week, return home, bathe J2, feed J2, do 1-2 chores if time permits, cook dinner, bathe, buy lunch, eat.

Get ready table and consolidate materials for tuition, feed J2 till he’s full (top up!), try to look calm and composed while clock ticks closer to tuition.

Receive students, teach, talk, question, mark, encourage… Lessons end!

Feed J2 (if feeling really engorged), fetch J1 home from childcare, bathe J1, eat dinner with J1, wipe/bathe J2, spend time with J1 and J2, prepare milk for J1, make both boys sleep.

Wake up from my accidental dozing, wash any plates/bottles, do 1-2 chores, thaw meat for following day’s dinner, prepare tuition resources, sleep.

Definitely in a sleep deprived state now, such that a friend commented that I look like a panda, and hubby ‘lovingly’ commented that the texture of my hair was unusual (I had a haircut after confinement and the hairdresser layered my hair way too high such that it curled out). Not much time to salvage the hair nor my constant sleepy state now…
Hopefully things will change for the better and I can soon incorporate proper exercise time. I know it will be better in a matter of time, just need to wait out the time. What really matters to me now is to enjoy the time I have with the two boys, for as much as I can. Try to enrich and value add to their lives before they find their wings. I guess that’s the life of a SAHM with 2 children, exhausted but very happy and fulfilled.



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