Building up on literacy…

Building up on literacy…

Having subscribed to many FB forums on kids and education, one of which that is exceptionally encouraging is that of Preschool Resources. Today, a post by a fellow mummy Charmaine shared of a free online worksheet generator that creates worksheets on penmanship. 

This is the link:

I saw that there are many lessons that J1 can draw from penmanship and since there is such a generator available, why not create the worksheets for him instead of hunting for such an activity book?

So, what is it that can be learnt from penmanship? Penmanship is especially crucial for budding readers and preschoolers like J1 who already know the alphabet but needs practice to perfect his letter writing. It also serves as a perfect tool for word recognition and reinforcement of how the words are written by hand (instead of just looking at print). J1 has already built up a small collection of spelling words that are pasted on the word chart in his room. He has learnt to recognize them and spell them. What’s missing is  translating them into writing.

Without waiting, I went to create the first worksheet with just 4 words: VAN, CAR, BUS and TRAIN. These words can be found on J1’s word chart and he knows them by heart. I selected the option to have these words dotted for him to trace over with a pen. With much excitement and anticipation, I told him when he came home that I had a surprise for him. 😊

After dinner, I took out the surprise and immediately he recognized the words on the worksheet. He began reading them out aloud. I told him that he could use a pen to trace over the dotted lines to form the words. Because it was his first time, he was discouraged when his tracing did not go perfectly in line with the dotted lines. 

I guided him along, holding his hand with the pen. My grip and control over his hand got less as he went on and I could see his confidence was building up. It wasn’t smooth and he had to be comforted over not being able to write ‘A’ properly. Finally, he finished the writing and decided he would like to use his fingers to trace over the letters once more. 

Success! This will be one more strategy I’ll be using with him to enhance literacy skills. 🙂 Looking forward to tomorrow’s time together in learning!


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