Coping with the haze

Coping with the haze

A busy life has just got more busy with the onset of the haze, which has shrouded the Little Res Dot for the past month. 

Cope! That’s what I’ve been trying to do for the past month. How so? 

These are a few things that we’ve done as a family in avoiding/coping/fighting the haze.

1) Found a brand new Novita air purifier for sale at a good price and purchased it.

We dare not take chances when there are young children in the house. So when Hubby found a great deal over Carousell of the latest air purifier, I settled the deal on his behalf and we had it the very next day. That took place on polling day, on September 11. Since then, our air purifier has been making full use of itself almost round the clock. It is probably the best Carousell purchase we have to date.

Other than that, we’ve been switching on the air con when the haze levels go up as breathing gets more laboured.

2) boost immunity to prevent ourselves from falling sick

This included taking vitamins more religiously as well as to consume soups that eventually increased fluid intake. I love preparing soups because they are so predictively and nutritious. They have very little preparation time and can pass off as a one pot meal. Thank God for non-fussy eaters in my family! For Hubby and J1, as long as there are eggs, they are pretty fine with everything else.

So far I’ve prepared lots of chicken soup (they boost immunity) with chinese yam, 六味 or sometimes plain. My old time favourite is ABC which is very wholesome and apple and pear soup, which is supposedly good for the throat. I’ve been generously adding wolfberries to the soups too so that our eyes could be strengthened. The haze somehow makes me tear and brings pain. I’m hoping the wolfberries will be effective to some extent.

Beverages wise, the classic green bean soup and barley helped soothed us.

Because there is so much to brew, I found both my thermal pots really handy! I use it practically every day, so I needn’t watch the fire and get other errands done in the meantime. I’ve a 5 liter Endo thermal pot and a 1.5 liters Le Gourmet thermal pot. So worth the money and it’s a time saver!

3) Find indoor fun for the kids. 

Bumberbeemum always comes to my rescue when I need to source for good indoor playgrounds. Especially now! We went to eXplorer Kids at AMK hub and had a blast of a time there. With the younger one in tow, going along may be challenging as I can’t climb structures with a baby ‘joey’ in front of me. Hubby needs to be around to take turns to have fun. Not sure if it’ll really take 3 years to get the haze situation under control but I look forward to more indoor playground excursions when J2 gets more mobile.:)


At home, I create my own water play for J1 by letting him use J2’s bath tub to play with water guns, scoops, a watering can and other recepticles. He loves it and such fun is rationed to approximately 2 times a week to keep the ‘wow’ factor.
4) For J2, even as he begins his journey of starting on solids, I let him nurse as frequently as possible so as to build up on antibodies and prevent him from falling ill. For a moment during the haze, he refused solids totally and so depended fully on milk. It’s probably a blessing in disguise and I was thankful for it. These days, he’s adventurous to try new foods once more so I started to give him some ABC soup with carrots last night. He loved it!! 


 J2 and I posing at the NEX Isetan nursing room, where we escaped to, during of those really hazy days!

Someone shared this recipe on FB in fighting the haze and I hope to prepare this sometime this week too…


As the haze episode continues, I’ll add on to this post. It’ll be a page I’ll go back to, next year, if the haze makes a comeback.
Take care everyone!! 😷


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