So, he outgrew the carrier! 😱

So, he outgrew the carrier! 😱

Children these days grow up too fast, and many a times, it comes to a sudden realisation that they have grown up a little faster than we can catch up with. 
In the past week, J2 the carrier, which also means he outgrew being carried (by the carrier) to sleep.
This little boy has grown up really fast and furious, I thought to myself. 
A few days ago, he put up a huge struggle to get out of the carrier as I was trying to put him to sleep at bed time. He fussed for a whole 15 minutes till his face was red and tears all flowing down his cheeks plus refusing to make any sort of eye contact with me. Angry? So I thought.
Next evening, I tucked him to sleep in his bed and, my! how happy he was, to be finally out from his restrain and able to sleep in any way he wanted. 
Getting him to sleep was the hard part, and it took 2 precious hours off my usual me-time (sleep/lesson prep time) so that he be coaxed to sleep. 

He sang (MANY many many) songs, stood up, sat down, walked around the bed, leaned here, leaned there, asked for water, yawned, stretched… what a ritual! I realised he was still quite full of energy and was expending it before he could actually get down to sleep.

Finally, he succumbed, and so did I, accidentally. 😛 
This went on for the March holiday and this transition will probably take awhile before J2 successfully transits to a faster sleeping time. It is probably a big adjustment to sleep on his own, uncarried. The runway to sleeping is also getting slightly shorter, and that’s a consolation in itself.


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