Bring it on! Come what may…

Bring it on! Come what may…

A few days after J2 outgrew the carrier, he continued to outgrow the stroller! Great. Thank you ah, boy. 🤣 That meant that traveling with 2 would be ultra challenging, especially when it comes to going to the library or to source for something to purchase. 
How did I know that using the stroller era is over for one? *wails* 😩

1) the child keeps asking to walk walk instead of associating going out with the stroller

2) the child prepares beforehand his sandals or socks and shoes way prior to going out, hinting that he needs to be walked, and not pushed along

3) the child struggles to get out of the stroller, Hulk style

4) the child throws himself into a big meltdown when he wants out of the stroller but not given the choice to

5) the child throws many many other meltdowns every now and then, while on the stroller, with or without reason 

6) the child breaks into a sunshine smile once he is taken down from the stroller

Ah! And so I knew…, of course the hard way (if not I wouldn’t be sharing the above 6 pointers). 

Moving forward, what’s in it for the Js and I when the three of us are out? Well, no need to push the bulky stroller along crowded passages and into squeezy trains, no need to be constantly zapped by the stroller handles.

On the other hand, I’ll have to temporarily bid farewell to my sling bag. ‘Hello’ to a handy backpack, so I can effectively remain handsfree to hold on to their hands.

Thirdly, I had better make sure to plan well for any trip out, as well as plan a foolproof backup bad weather plan, followed by plenty of rehearsing so that the trip gets carried out smoothly and to minimise as many hiccups as possible. 

Next, would be to mentally prepare J1 of trips out so that he has an idea of what to expect from the trip and how to assist me if the need arises. J1 has been a great help to me all these months ever since J2 arrived, and given his nature, he is rising up to be a really dedicated Brother.

As to how it will go, we shall see. Definitely, there’s a need to make minor tweaks here and there to fine tune processes, and after 2-3 of such trips, we should be good to tour the world already. 🤥 Oops! Haha… what I mean is that we will get more confident as time goes by and with more practice.

Not too sure if there will be even more bombs that J2 will drop along the way, but I had better psyche myself for any more coming along. 

In retrospect, I am glad that he is finding his own independence and raring to try out. As his parent, the least I can do is to support him through it and encourage, so long as it is for his development and good.


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