Exercising freedom in exploration

Exercising freedom in exploration

As J2 grows more expressive, I thought it would be a good time to start him on some craft work. He did a previous piece of art work with some guidance from me and it is pasted at his bedside since it contains his favourite vehicles. Since then, he has been beaming with joy and in immense pride whenever he looks at it. A few times a day, he would ask me, ‘Who did it?’, before answering himself, ‘Didi!’ When asked if he would like to do more of such similar art work, his eyes glistened! 😃

So, with a little bit of time I had today, I drew the backdrop of another road and this time, added a car park for him to place his vehicles.

Gave him free rein to decide where he should put each sticker, even when some vehicles went in a direction against each other, and with the traffic light in the middle of the carpark. But it’s okay, I thought. So long as it sparks his sense of creativity and allows him to express his view of how vehicles interact with each other on the roads. 
I watched him and guided him along with questions, just to jolt him along. He did not need much of that, as he had in mind how to plan his road. Hence I busied myself in taking snapshots of his experience.

It was a simple activity, but with him, I believe there were lots of processes he was going through in his mind. Deciding where to place certain objects, taking out some stickers and repositioning them, agreeing to me drawing a train somewhere on the paper. He was totally engaged and lost in his thoughts. I felt glad that it was meaningful, and will be looking forward to more of such activities with him. 

Below is the end product…

Come late afternoon, when J1 returns home, he will have his share of sticker activity. He will be doing it unguided as he has recently shown to be quite capable of, and I’m sure, like his Didi, he will have a whale of a time as well. 😊


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