An intentional effort ~ exercise

An intentional effort ~ exercise

As a Mum, there is just so many tasks competing for attention. Which one to do first? Very often, exercise conveniently takes a back seat, and I’m most guilty of it.
After making a resolution for this year onwards to carve out time for exercise, I found it difficult but attainable. It is just that… it involves a very very intentional effort. 😂 
Gone are the days when I can get into an exercise attire, pack a bag, and gym for 2 hours, or dress in simple attire and take a leisure jog around the neighbourhood. Being Mum, there needs to always be someone else at home to take care of the children during outdoor exercise. 
So why resume it when there seems to be every other reason to do something else? 
1) For maintaining good health. 

Good health doesn’t come from just taking multivitamins and three good meals a day. Exercise is needed to work the heart out and perspire toxins out of the body as well. Not to forget, as we exercise, endorphins released will make us feel better about ourselves too. I could go on and on and on about this point, but will keep it short and sweet. 🙃

2) As a form of me-time

This is important because exercise is probably one of the few tasks that need to focus 101% on to achieve results. Exercise cannot be done half hearted. It also helps to channel unhealthy emotions and negative vibes to a useful output, this I learnt from my table tennis coach back in secondary school. Till today, I recall his words “把不愉快的心情化成有用的力量……” Inspiring indeed!! After this me-time, I’m better able to cope with handling the ‘home affairs’ and having time alone, to rejuvenate.

3) As a form of modelling to the children

This point, was what my Hubby shared with me, when he does his regular runs. As a sportsperson, it made sense to me that children do model after parents in setting aside time for sporting activity if they see it carried out often enough. It is a subtle influence on them that would come naturally, when they find a sport they are keen to pursue in time to come.

Being involved in a sport has taught me many lessons that I wouldn’t have otherwise learnt from the textbooks and in other areas of life. Teamwork, sportsmanship and sheer mind-over-body determination are traits that I’ve picked up through my secondary school and JC years of being coached in Table Tennis. I treasure these values learnt as I cannot pick them up from elsewhere, and these, I hope my boys will learn through their own choice of sport as well, so their view of life may be enriched.

4) Exercising will strengthen immunity and hence, there will be less visits to the doctor

Hooray to this final point! A visit to the GP is costly, and will add up over time (and age!) if the body is not maintained well. So, I’d rather spend a little money to visit the gym or hit the outdoors to exercise than queue up to see the doctor and pay through my nose.
In writing this post, I hope to keep up with exercise as much as possible, in big ways and small, whenever the situation allows. It’s better to start late than never. If this has encouraged you to start out with small steady steps, I’ll really be glad for you as well.

For a better week ahead, cheers!! 😊☕️ (yup, cheers to coffee, still needing it, despite exercise…) haha…. 


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