The new Sengkang library 

The new Sengkang library 

This is one place we kept wanting to go again and again and again. Revamped to improve of its services and variety to cater to the residents along the northeast, supplementing existing books in Serangoon and Cheng San library, Sengkang library boasts a huge range of new books that will make you feel that borrowing the maximum number of 8 books is just not enough.

The children’s section is located at the 4th floor of Compass One and there are shelves of different heights to cater to the ages of children. Because of this, books are more easily assessable, even for J2 to pick them off to read.

Reading areas in the form of long benches along the perimeter of the library and in small clusters around the section was a hit amongst parents of young children, because there was also adequate space to park strollers in the library while book hunting. 

If ever there’s a chance to visit a child-friendly library, other than Central library, do find the opportunity to come to Sengkang library. 👍👍👍😁


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