Good news!! Books have a way, even with very young children.

Good news!! Books have a way, even with very young children.

We borrowed this book from the recent trip to the library, mainly for J2, who is learning about different kinds of vehicles. This book has repetitive words and teaches children how to read them by stringing them into a really catchy song. At the last page of the book, there is even a music score of the entire tune. 😄
Each page has 1-2 new words that tell about a particular vehicle, making learning these words very easy. 

The words on a page goes something like this:

“Henry the helicopter has one propeller (x3)

Go, helicopter, go!”

Surprisingly, the book appealed to J1 as well and for the past 2 weeks (they didn’t want me to return the book this week), they have been reading this book again and again… sometimes to themselves, sometimes together. 

Today, a random thought came to mind that I could search for the song over YouTube. Lo and behold, I came across an entire narration of the book, song included!! It was such a steal that the first thought was to share it over this blog with everyone. Here’s the link:

The Js and I were thrilled and we listened to it almost 5 times today! Haha! 

To add on to the joy, I heard J2 happily singing portions of the book… ‘Helicopter… propeller! Helicopter… propeller!’

While iPads have apps that teach children and brings knowledge to life, books have their appeal as well and it can be just as entertaining. 😉 Try it today!


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