Earning has got to take a back seat sometimes…

Earning has got to take a back seat sometimes…

As a work-from-home SAHM, both descriptions sound almost contradictory to each other. Same same, but different.
Everyday lies the balance between caring for the family and preparation for lessons. The one that comes first, to me, is that of caring for the family. I often find myself scrambling to find time to get back to ‘work mode’ when Js are sleeping (and I’m half asleep), or during the day when I can sneak in 300 to 600 seconds of really precious time to do work.
Just this week, both Js fell ill and I had to forgo the week’s lessons as a result. Though their wellbeing are my priority, honestly, it was a pinch to make the call. For Mums with children who work from home, you will understand that every cent worked for is indeed a blessing, considering the many constraints faced in the day with just the caring of the family aspect.
Yet, there was no other way about it. How could I knowingly provide less care when it was a time the boys really needed it? And needed it bad? Hence, earning has to take a back seat sometimes, and I cannot allow myself to feel bad about it.
Thank God, they are feeling better by the end of today, though still not fully recovered. 
The house appeared a lot messier, dishes had to wait, toys all strewn over the place, tempers thrown once awhile, but I was glad that at the end of it all, I managed to get this one priority right, in dedicating the time to the family. Money can be earned back, as my Husband always tells me. Yup, I agree.


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