Withstanding tough times…

Withstanding tough times…

It was a tough week, with J1 and J2 still taking turns to fall ill, and it is tiring. Tempting as it is to shout out ‘Wah mng tiii’ (I ask the sky! Or 我问天!), trials build our resilience for the next tough time that comes along.

Back then during my secondary school days, my CCA coach would tell us to push ourselves that little bit more despite our fatigue, and today, I realised that by doing so, I train myself to be mentally and emotionally more resilient in response to unfavourable situations.
Reframing our minds changes how we look at situations. 
Despite being tired, today, I willed myself to the gym for weekly exercise. Form wasn’t too good as compared to other weeks, but I tried to press on to maintain some form of consistency. I could not go on after running 10 minutes on the treadmill and so decided to compensate the lack of energy with a long brisk walk. Beats ‘sitting on the couch’ as my Hubby would put it, and beats lamenting the whole day about the state of health of my children. 

‘Try me!’ That was what I told myself…

Yup, ended up trying myself, and the long brisk walk did me some really good workout and improved my mood tremendously. 😊
Good enough for the next challenge that comes along… jia you to me!


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