Reacting appropriately to the unforseen…

Reacting appropriately to the unforseen…

Has it ever occurred to you about how apt you are in responding to an emergency situation at home? Unforeseen accidents… such as chokes, burns, stings, how prepared are we to handle these before professional medical aid is received?
That being said, it is crucial for us to be equipped with basic first aid knowledge, so that we can respond correctly to the situation and not make matters worse. An accident happening is enough to paralyse the onlooker (and definitely, the victim) to a great extent, or perhaps it could be so subtle that no one else in the family acknowledged and responds to the warning signs of the victim.
Here is a list of common situations that could happen and how we can be equipped to handle it whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

1) Choking

2) Burns

3) Falls

4) Seisures

5) Poisonous stings and bites

6) Fainting

If time permits, it’ll be great to sign up with the Singapore Red Cross to attend their 2.5-day Basic First Aid Course at 
There are many preconceived ideas of how first aid ought to be administered to situations by anyone and everyone. Attending such a course or having some knowledge of it will help you make calculated and wise decisions when the emergency arises. 

For SAHMs, we have ourselves as the only caregiver at home in the day, and the safety of our children literally lies in our hands. Having attended this course before, I find myself benefitting much and this is also a way of being prepared to act out as it ought to be.
This is definitely not a selling ‘koh-yuoh’ session; just felt the importance of sharing with fellow SAHMs about the awareness of being equipped with simple first aid. 😁


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