We can still find happiness in simple things…

We can still find happiness in simple things…

A not-so-usual Sunday where everything seemed drabby; all of us seemed to have caught a bug of some sort, except for my hubby. The hours passed slowly and everything suddenly seemed more than tedious, well, at least to me. 

I would usually prepare dinners for the family but today, we decided to embrace a change and eat out instead, hoping that it would lighten everyone’s mood and also take the opportunity to enjoy the sounds and sights around us. 

As early as 5pm, we set off to Punggol SAFRA for dinner (because we thought, such an ulu place, surely very peaceful and quiet) for dinner. 
No doubt, the place was quiet (initially only) and with very few seats occupied. We found a cosy spot and had a great meal.

It had been a tough 2 weeks or so for us, visiting the doctor(s) every few days, taking note of medicine timing, waking up in the middle of the night to make sure things were fine, and so on. In short, we were all tired out. 

Tonight’s dinner was probably the highlight of the past 2 weeks, and though it was a quiet one, it was a restful one as well. There was fussing from J2 every now and then, but it didn’t matter too much and we did what we could to make him feel a little better with his discomfort.
Dinner over, and we took a leisurely stroll along the Waterway.. and apart from the dark skies which seemed to hamper my mood due to impending rain (??). 

Thinking back, there wasn’t any much complexity in how we spent our evening; it was very simple and there wasn’t any out of the ordinary activity deliberately planned out. Yet, we enjoyed it thoroughly and everyone was happy. Looking forward to more of such times where family time spent need not be a rushed activity and can be captured in more entirety. 😊


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