Them gaining independence is such a bittersweet pill to swallow…

Them gaining independence is such a bittersweet pill to swallow…

As J2 grows older by the day, his quest for independence seems to increase in leaps and bounds. Few days back, my gregarious toddler declared that he was no longer a baby boy but a small boy. And I agreed so.
He doesn’t want me to help him up the bench for meals.

He wants to practice brushing his teeth every morning and evening.

He attempts to wear his socks and shoes before going out of the house.

His strides are getting longer and quicker whenever he races home with his Brother.

He starts to read to himself.

He sings accurately and engages himself with actions.

He doesn’t need much coaxing to get to sleep.

He walks confidently to the bread shop, pick a loaf he likes, passes it to the cashier and pays up.

He takes medicine bravely when asked to.

He insists on sitting on the train seat all by himself, using the escalator, and even enthusiastically putting an old lanyard round his neck (at home) and pretending to tap to enter the train station.

He dares himself to climb stairs whilst holding on to he railings and squats at every step to put a leg down at a time when he descends from the steps.

J2 climbed the entire flight of stairs with very minimal help from me

I almost can’t believe that he is growing up so fine, so well, and way too fast.

I often call him ‘Boss Baby’ because of the quirky resemblance, and I think he is becoming one, wanting to be like a mini adult and so full of ‘I want to try…’ and ‘Didi try!’.

The Boss Baby

I need to learn to let go and this is probably the most difficult part… something I will choose not to tell him, and to continue to edge him on to better himself as he seeks his independence.


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