How to possibly fall sick less…

How to possibly fall sick less…

“Mummy doesn’t get much of a break…” that is what I hear from my peers who are also SAHM.

This is true and from morn to dusk, time is taken over by countless tasks, routines, schedules, appointments, errands and everything else that happens to ‘just happen’. Hardly is there any breather and a toilet break to relieve oneself is such a luxury.

End of the day, what was planned to be accomplished the night before most of the time becomes undone.

The the cycle repeats itself the following day.

This gets particularly trying when children fall ill. In between, there will be visits to the doctor, time to prepare meals, creativity to think up meals that they would possibly eat and not refuse, as well as to handle meltdowns and all-of-a-sudden throw ups and cases of diahorrea.

The ultimatum would probably be when Mummy falls ill. With a forever-I’m-having-a-lack-of-sleep state to deal with, energy is drained and the day just gets badder and maybe badder than baddest… And the demands of the family still hold true: meals, sending kids to school, checking on their work, chores and nightfeeds/nightmares.

I’m no saint, and most of my days are awry… 😅 but over the years, I learnt a few knacks that might possibly help in such a situation.

An immune boosting supplement a day comes a long way. Try it! I take those that come in effervescent form, so I get my additional one cup of water intake as well.

As for children, elderberry and vitamin C supplements come in handy as well.

Eat simply most of the time, leaving out hot sauces and spicy curries that could upset the stomach and irritate the throat. I usually include a soup during dinner so that some soup could be poured over the rice to go with.

Eat real food and cut down on processed ones where possible. This might be challenging when everything else seems like fighting for your attention, but the pay off is great. I suppose there is more nutrition packed into real food and there is also less of fats, sugar and sodium. Real food gets digested more easily and this doesn’t choke up our digestive system too excessively.

Set aside 2 big bottles, each filled to the brim with water, to consume through the day. That’ll make up 3 litres of water daily! Yay.

Think happy thoughts, complain less, and that might free the head of some pains and mentally or emotionally induced illnesses.

If already unwell, try natural remedies to aid recovery as well. If antibiotics is not an option, consider visiting the Chinese physician for a course of medication or brew soups such as 四神 or 六味 to tune your health back to its healthy state.

As the flu season approaches in May, take really good care and if you have not, it’s about time to start building on your defenses. 💪💪💪


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