Vege-tales 🥕🌽🥗🥙

Vege-tales 🥕🌽🥗🥙

They say (actually I’m not sure who ‘they’ refers to) ‘Eat your greens’.
There’s more to vegetables than greens. ☺️<<<<<
r knew this till I became a Mum, and learnt how to cook.<<<<
not be easy to incorporate every colour type of vegetable into our meals daily, but having a variety is something you might want to consider.<<<<
f the staples I have ready at hand are mushrooms and onions (white), leafy vegetables like chye sim and xiao bai cai (green), tomatoes (red), carrots (yellow).. with a little mix and match, they somehow find their way into every meal. ✌️isn't easy getting children to eat every single kind of vegetable as compared to eating junk, but daily, I try to incorporate these healthier eating habits in them by modelling what it means to be eating right. Tough one, but needful. This is a useful chart to help you plan your meals as you try to add some vegetables into your dishes! Have fun! 😊


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