Losing a little of myself and gaining a little insight of the children has made me a more involved parent 

Losing a little of myself and gaining a little insight of the children has made me a more involved parent 

After thinking through my topics of conversation with the boys, I realise that I am into a lot of boyish topics, of cars, trucks, trains and even farts (we call them “toots”)! 😅

I realised I had lost a little of myself and gained a little of them in me as I get to find out more about their world. 

I didn’t realise the importance of bonding to me until the children came along. Their presence made me want to reach out into their world and connect with them. It is an inherent interest in getting to know what ticks in them and to understand their likes and dislikes. 

A Friend was sharing with me yesterday that if parents wait too long to establish connection with their children, or to shoo children away from their presence repeatedly, or to focus on chasing paper qualifications and nothing else, it’ll be too late to reverse it when there comes a time when the children find no joy and meaning in maintaining the connection with their parents. That affirmed my actions and encouraged me to continue in what I was already pursuing.

These days, we discuss about how various types of helicopters vary from each other and look at videos of wrecking balls demolishing a building. Other days, we get excited over pouring time into making sense of the characters in ‘Thomas and Friends’ books. We tell apart between Thomas, Edward and Gordon though they are all blue, and we got to know that Spencer is big and fast yet very cheeky. And there’s always the angry and sulky Bulstrode that was hard to please. Being involved with what the children know brightens up my world and opens my mind to more knowledge of things I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t had boys.

In time to come, I hope that our conversations will transit along with their age and we can freely talk about their day and challenges faced. Looking forward to open conversations where they feel a sense of security and acceptance within the Home and to turn to my Hubby and I as trusted adults and sources of wisdom whenever they need help.


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