The home sets the pace for values education

The home sets the pace for values education

So J2 playfully and intentionally poured a cup of warm water onto the floor, and started giggling. 

Ok, my turn to respond. A barrage of possible reactions played in my mind. 

Scold for the misdeed. Give a smack on the hand. Ask him to leave the scene and clean the mess up myself. Tell him what he did that was wrong and warn never to do that. 

Eventually, I went to the kitchen and asked him to clean up the spot that was wet. In order for him to know what i meant by ‘clean up’, I took another cloth and wiped the water up with him. I insisted that every wet spot was wiped dry. Then came the lesson… explained to him why a wet floor could result in falls to anyone in the home, and that his act of mischief was not acceptable.

I’m not too sure how much the short lesson sank into his mind, but hopefully the physical act of him cleaning up the floor would stay in his mind as a reminder of why spilling water on the floor intentionally was a no-no. 

Home is where we set the moral compass of any child, that I believe. More so, when a child is still impressionable and teachable, the parent or caregiver has the upper hand in instilling right values to nurture a disciplined child. As such, perhaps any child is never too young to be gently corrected and brought to realisation of their inappropriate actions. 

As parents, let’s press on and keep at it even when the going gets tough. Don’t forget too, that our children do look towards us as we set an example for them to follow. They are great imitators and when what we preach goes hand in hand with the walk we talk, Home can be the place to set the foundational values of our children.


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