The birthday present

The birthday present

J1 shared with me last week that a school mate of his requested for a birthday present from him from Toys R Rus. I was taken aback as I thought that gifts were supposed to be given, not requested from. Somemore, Toys R Rus?? From a fellow school mate who hasn’t earned his keeps? 

I told him that if he wanted to buy his friend a gift, it would have to come from his savings to be considered as something given by him. He frowned upon the idea.

Again, yesterday J1 brought up the issue to me that he really wanted to give that friend a gift. Sure, he could. However, I reiterated that he would have to dip into his savings to get a gift. 

After a moment of thought, he exclaimed excitedly that he could make a birthday card for his friend and pass it to her the following day. He also said that he did not want to spend money in getting a gift as he hadn’t much savings. I thought it was a great idea and encouraged him to make the card the following morning before school started.

Today, we came across some colouring sheets online and he chose one sheet to colour for his friend so he could personalise it and give it to her. I chipped in by giving him an envelope to enclose the card in. He was thrilled!!

Here’s the outcome, and I thought he did really well. There was also some really good decisions a five-year-old like him made, in choosing this as an appropriate gift to his friend. 

Rather than insist on him not getting a birthday gift for his friend, I thought that leaving him to make that crucial decision would make him more convinced of his choice. There will be sacrifices to make (having less savings) if he were to buy a gift, but I was keen on letting him make that decision.

He chose to make a card, and in the end, he felt it was an excellent choice. I’m glad to have walked this journey with him and supported him through his choices.


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