Allowing opportunities for independence

Allowing opportunities for independence

When it comes to taking care of children, the popular belief is to try to cushion them as much as we adults can, so as to prevent falls, scratches, quarrels and bad experiences. In other words, to prevent failures.

However, the irony is that in preventing failures, many activities cannot be done. Over the years, I've changed my perspective of parenting to be one that is more spontaneous, giving ample opportunity for my children to explore within the boundaries of parental guidance, allowing them to have a taste of 'doing what adults do' and learning through fumbling…

Over the last few weeks, I've let the children try these out. Some activities turned out well and nice, others, well… room for improvement. Whatever the outcome, their learning came alive and gaining experience through such hands on tasks.

Egg shell peeling… J1 is still working hard at it. Though 2 eggs did not turn out well, I thanked him for his eagerness to help peel the shells off.

These cute tiger puzzles were found at the back of Frosties cornflakes and J1 tried to piece them together using white glue, on his own. He was of course proud of his masterpiece!

J1 volunteered to make peanut butter bread for everyone one morning and managed it quite well. Yes there were stains of peanut butter here and there, and he was licking the spread from his fingers every now and then. But he enjoyed the process of preparing breakfast for the family and we all appreciated it.

J2 had his fair share of learning to skate scoot. He fumbled and wobbled a little here and there but can manage a decent distance of 10m on his own now.:)

It has also taught me to let go of being protective over my children. Giving them space to explore their learning on their own, with supervision, prepares them and sets the pace for greater tasks and skills ahead of them.


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