Helping out in chores as part of the family culture

Helping out in chores as part of the family culture

This week, I have been reflecting on 'age appropriate chores' and finding opportunities for the boys to take up small roles that are personally meaningful to them. Chores need not be viewed as dreaded tasks but rather tasks that help make the Home a better place to live in, and to contribute to the benefit of everyone living together.

It'll be too late when they start to take everything Mummy does for granted.

It'll be too late when they are overwhelmed with school work to consider wanting to help out at home.

It'll be too late when their enthusiasm to be involved in 'adult tasks' weans.

It'll be too late when other more engaging and attention grabbing forms of entertainment take over their minds.

It'll be too late when they psycho themselves to think that chores are unnecessary and not worth their time and effort.

Yesterday, J1 helped cut my veggies for dinner with a butter knife. Today, both Js helped hang the clothes to dry. Every now and then, they bring out the broom and start sweeping the floor. It's somewhat heartening. Never will I chase them away because they want to help out. In fact, if we are not in a rush for time, it's best to create space for them to explore doing chores, getting their little hands to work, and seeing the fruit of their labour.

When I asked them about whether they would like to help me out once again, both chirped in to say they would like to hang the clothes together again. I thanked them and told them that we could do it again two days later when the laundry is due to wash. And they were ecstatic over it! 😊

In time to come, I look forward to chores being part of the family culture and especially because everyone wants to help out to make a better Home. Now, we have an excellent part time helper who comes once a week, and we are thankful. But we cannot be fooled to believe that she will be around forever, or that we will never need to lay a hand on chores ever. In fact, doing so would not be taking a personal ownership of our Home. So, while she is still around to help us weekly, there is a need to dedicate time to maintaining the house and keeping it running well.

If it is a task that needs to be done strictly by an adult, like ironing the clothes, I try to iron them whilst they are awake, to see me iron… so that they know that ironing actually takes a family member to do so, and it doesn't happen magically.

And, it's of course the privilege of everyone in the family to do so, isn't it? 😄👏


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