Hello, I am a proud Mummy of two and I am an SAHM. Being an SAHM is a calling that does not come easy for many mothers and many seek to find a place or an outlet where they can be heard, empathised with or be inspired. There are many demands in recent times, with the fact that inflation in our country has been rocketing (it seems all the more so for young families!). SAHMs of today seek out not only to have a wholesome time of nurturing their children and building their family up by being a strong pillar of support, they are also engaging in vocations from home.

Physical, mental, emotional struggle is something that we experience from time to time. While there are good days, the really bad days amplify themselves and can make one downcast. Besides, being distant from ex-colleagues and most friends who are working kinda isolates themselves from the ‘rest of the world’.

In such trying times, support from fellow SAHMs is crucial. They serve to enrich and build up each other and it is win-win. Those Mums who have been there and done that can now have a platform to share their knowledge and expertise with newbie Mums.

I am not ashamed to say that I’m quite a newbie Mum. J came into this world one fine day and though we thought we had been prepared take on caring for a newborn and family, we were far from it. Hubby had to return to work at some point and I was left to ‘fend’ the family in the day.

It was through the support of fellow newbie Mums that I found myself being comforted that it is alright that the clothes are left unfolded on the sofa overnight, that it is okay to not rush the milk preparation process due to a wailing baby, that it is really fine to give myself a 2 hour afternoon nap when I’m exhausted and need a recharge (and not feel any sense of guilt). My mother, who is also a SAHM, gave me invaluable tips on how to manage the home and have time for self.

Thus, this blog is dedicated to all SAHMs in Singapore (and everywhere else!) to encourage and inspire of this wonderful job of having the house to care for and those living in it. I will be sharing about how I cope with taking care of the home, together with Joash, balancing couple time, making work arrangements (I give tuition from home). Apart from these, I will be featuring SAHMs from all walks of life every now and then, to get a fresh perspective of others in the community.SimpsonsFamily2If you would like to connect with me or even be featured in an interview as a SAHM, kindly fill out the form below and I will get back to you shortly. 🙂


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