Reacting appropriately to the unforseen…

Reacting appropriately to the unforseen…

Has it ever occurred to you about how apt you are in responding to an emergency situation at home? Unforeseen accidents… such as chokes, burns, stings, how prepared are we to handle these before professional medical aid is received?
That being said, it is crucial for us to be equipped with basic first aid knowledge, so that we can respond correctly to the situation and not make matters worse. An accident happening is enough to paralyse the onlooker (and definitely, the victim) to a great extent, or perhaps it could be so subtle that no one else in the family acknowledged and responds to the warning signs of the victim.
Here is a list of common situations that could happen and how we can be equipped to handle it whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

1) Choking

2) Burns

3) Falls

4) Seisures

5) Poisonous stings and bites

6) Fainting

If time permits, it’ll be great to sign up with the Singapore Red Cross to attend their 2.5-day Basic First Aid Course at 
There are many preconceived ideas of how first aid ought to be administered to situations by anyone and everyone. Attending such a course or having some knowledge of it will help you make calculated and wise decisions when the emergency arises. 

For SAHMs, we have ourselves as the only caregiver at home in the day, and the safety of our children literally lies in our hands. Having attended this course before, I find myself benefitting much and this is also a way of being prepared to act out as it ought to be.
This is definitely not a selling ‘koh-yuoh’ session; just felt the importance of sharing with fellow SAHMs about the awareness of being equipped with simple first aid. 😁

    Withstanding tough times…

    Withstanding tough times…

    It was a tough week, with J1 and J2 still taking turns to fall ill, and it is tiring. Tempting as it is to shout out ‘Wah mng tiii’ (I ask the sky! Or 我问天!), trials build our resilience for the next tough time that comes along.

    Back then during my secondary school days, my CCA coach would tell us to push ourselves that little bit more despite our fatigue, and today, I realised that by doing so, I train myself to be mentally and emotionally more resilient in response to unfavourable situations.
    Reframing our minds changes how we look at situations. 
    Despite being tired, today, I willed myself to the gym for weekly exercise. Form wasn’t too good as compared to other weeks, but I tried to press on to maintain some form of consistency. I could not go on after running 10 minutes on the treadmill and so decided to compensate the lack of energy with a long brisk walk. Beats ‘sitting on the couch’ as my Hubby would put it, and beats lamenting the whole day about the state of health of my children. 

    ‘Try me!’ That was what I told myself…

    Yup, ended up trying myself, and the long brisk walk did me some really good workout and improved my mood tremendously. 😊
    Good enough for the next challenge that comes along… jia you to me!



    I came across this meaningful Chinese song a few days back, which sums up what a family is. 

    Family, the closest people whom we are with, defines who we are and our outlook to life. Certainly, not every family is as described in this song, it is something we can hope for in making our family a better one, every tomorrow. Remember that no family is perfect and we all have our struggles… so may this be an encouragement to you.

    Here are the lyrics of the song and a brief translation.

    相亲相爱 – (姜育恒)


    I like to return to a home that is awaiting me with the warmth of its lights


    I like to wake up to the laughter of my family


    I like to go out knowing that I am realising the dreams of myself and my family


    I like it when my family looks towards the same future


    I like it when I get to share my happiness with you immediately


    I like to remind myself that I am still accepted even on days when I feel broken


    I like to remind myself on angry days, that within the family, we are always generous and accepting towards each other


    I like to bring back happy memories during our vacations back home


    Because we are a family


    A loving family


    Fate brings us together


    We will always cherish


    Why do we allow the grey skies to blind our eyes to these?


    Because we are a family


    A loving family 


    When there are blessings, we share them


    When there are trials, we go through them


    Stay by each other till the end of our time


    I like to forget my frustrations when I step into the house

    I like to wake up smiling to the rest of the family


    I like to go out and work hard for myself and for the good of mankind


    I like it when my family realises our dreams together


    When others are happy, it is as if I’m living in blessedness 


    When others are hurt, I allow myself to lend them a shoulder


    When others are angry, I tell them that differing opinions need not result in an agitated state


    When others need me, I will avail myself for them


    Finally, this is the YouTube video of the song.

    Earning has got to take a back seat sometimes…

    Earning has got to take a back seat sometimes…

    As a work-from-home SAHM, both descriptions sound almost contradictory to each other. Same same, but different.
    Everyday lies the balance between caring for the family and preparation for lessons. The one that comes first, to me, is that of caring for the family. I often find myself scrambling to find time to get back to ‘work mode’ when Js are sleeping (and I’m half asleep), or during the day when I can sneak in 300 to 600 seconds of really precious time to do work.
    Just this week, both Js fell ill and I had to forgo the week’s lessons as a result. Though their wellbeing are my priority, honestly, it was a pinch to make the call. For Mums with children who work from home, you will understand that every cent worked for is indeed a blessing, considering the many constraints faced in the day with just the caring of the family aspect.
    Yet, there was no other way about it. How could I knowingly provide less care when it was a time the boys really needed it? And needed it bad? Hence, earning has to take a back seat sometimes, and I cannot allow myself to feel bad about it.
    Thank God, they are feeling better by the end of today, though still not fully recovered. 
    The house appeared a lot messier, dishes had to wait, toys all strewn over the place, tempers thrown once awhile, but I was glad that at the end of it all, I managed to get this one priority right, in dedicating the time to the family. Money can be earned back, as my Husband always tells me. Yup, I agree.

    Good news!! Books have a way, even with very young children.

    Good news!! Books have a way, even with very young children.

    We borrowed this book from the recent trip to the library, mainly for J2, who is learning about different kinds of vehicles. This book has repetitive words and teaches children how to read them by stringing them into a really catchy song. At the last page of the book, there is even a music score of the entire tune. 😄
    Each page has 1-2 new words that tell about a particular vehicle, making learning these words very easy. 

    The words on a page goes something like this:

    “Henry the helicopter has one propeller (x3)

    Go, helicopter, go!”

    Surprisingly, the book appealed to J1 as well and for the past 2 weeks (they didn’t want me to return the book this week), they have been reading this book again and again… sometimes to themselves, sometimes together. 

    Today, a random thought came to mind that I could search for the song over YouTube. Lo and behold, I came across an entire narration of the book, song included!! It was such a steal that the first thought was to share it over this blog with everyone. Here’s the link:

    The Js and I were thrilled and we listened to it almost 5 times today! Haha! 

    To add on to the joy, I heard J2 happily singing portions of the book… ‘Helicopter… propeller! Helicopter… propeller!’

    While iPads have apps that teach children and brings knowledge to life, books have their appeal as well and it can be just as entertaining. 😉 Try it today!

    The new Sengkang library 

    The new Sengkang library 

    This is one place we kept wanting to go again and again and again. Revamped to improve of its services and variety to cater to the residents along the northeast, supplementing existing books in Serangoon and Cheng San library, Sengkang library boasts a huge range of new books that will make you feel that borrowing the maximum number of 8 books is just not enough.

    The children’s section is located at the 4th floor of Compass One and there are shelves of different heights to cater to the ages of children. Because of this, books are more easily assessable, even for J2 to pick them off to read.

    Reading areas in the form of long benches along the perimeter of the library and in small clusters around the section was a hit amongst parents of young children, because there was also adequate space to park strollers in the library while book hunting. 

    If ever there’s a chance to visit a child-friendly library, other than Central library, do find the opportunity to come to Sengkang library. 👍👍👍😁

    An intentional effort ~ exercise

    An intentional effort ~ exercise

    As a Mum, there is just so many tasks competing for attention. Which one to do first? Very often, exercise conveniently takes a back seat, and I’m most guilty of it.
    After making a resolution for this year onwards to carve out time for exercise, I found it difficult but attainable. It is just that… it involves a very very intentional effort. 😂 
    Gone are the days when I can get into an exercise attire, pack a bag, and gym for 2 hours, or dress in simple attire and take a leisure jog around the neighbourhood. Being Mum, there needs to always be someone else at home to take care of the children during outdoor exercise. 
    So why resume it when there seems to be every other reason to do something else? 
    1) For maintaining good health. 

    Good health doesn’t come from just taking multivitamins and three good meals a day. Exercise is needed to work the heart out and perspire toxins out of the body as well. Not to forget, as we exercise, endorphins released will make us feel better about ourselves too. I could go on and on and on about this point, but will keep it short and sweet. 🙃

    2) As a form of me-time

    This is important because exercise is probably one of the few tasks that need to focus 101% on to achieve results. Exercise cannot be done half hearted. It also helps to channel unhealthy emotions and negative vibes to a useful output, this I learnt from my table tennis coach back in secondary school. Till today, I recall his words “把不愉快的心情化成有用的力量……” Inspiring indeed!! After this me-time, I’m better able to cope with handling the ‘home affairs’ and having time alone, to rejuvenate.

    3) As a form of modelling to the children

    This point, was what my Hubby shared with me, when he does his regular runs. As a sportsperson, it made sense to me that children do model after parents in setting aside time for sporting activity if they see it carried out often enough. It is a subtle influence on them that would come naturally, when they find a sport they are keen to pursue in time to come.

    Being involved in a sport has taught me many lessons that I wouldn’t have otherwise learnt from the textbooks and in other areas of life. Teamwork, sportsmanship and sheer mind-over-body determination are traits that I’ve picked up through my secondary school and JC years of being coached in Table Tennis. I treasure these values learnt as I cannot pick them up from elsewhere, and these, I hope my boys will learn through their own choice of sport as well, so their view of life may be enriched.

    4) Exercising will strengthen immunity and hence, there will be less visits to the doctor

    Hooray to this final point! A visit to the GP is costly, and will add up over time (and age!) if the body is not maintained well. So, I’d rather spend a little money to visit the gym or hit the outdoors to exercise than queue up to see the doctor and pay through my nose.
    In writing this post, I hope to keep up with exercise as much as possible, in big ways and small, whenever the situation allows. It’s better to start late than never. If this has encouraged you to start out with small steady steps, I’ll really be glad for you as well.

    For a better week ahead, cheers!! 😊☕️ (yup, cheers to coffee, still needing it, despite exercise…) haha….