Being joyful even though managing the household may be challenging

Being joyful even though managing the household may be challenging

Cleaning the soup off the table, chair and floor when a child accidentally spilts it.

Finding time to teach and inspire.

Being creative in creating meals.

Making the trip a few times a week to restock the fridge.

Someone’s got to do it, and if there’s a SAHM, it’s probably going to be her. 😂

Whatever our role is in the family, let’s embrace the various responsibilities that come our way, planned or circumstantial. Take it on with pride, and do it to our best.

Yes, the days are long and 24 hours never seems enough. Still, let’s take the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the family with a joyful heart. ❤️

Goodnight folks! 😴

I am not a baby, I am a boy

I am not a baby, I am a boy

J2 loves me feeding him meals. The fact that he has already turned 3 means he needs to be independent.

When he turned to me to feed him dinner last night, I told him “Sure, of course. But you know, I only feed babies. I didn’t know you were one.” It gathered an immediate response from him “I am not a baby. I am a boy!” He took the spoon from me and started to feed himself. Bravo! 👏

This morning, it happened again. Took the bread I bought for him and, without asking, he said “I am not a baby”, and started his breakfast.

He felt proud of himself, that he needn’t be called a baby, and able to feed himself, just like Kor Kor. 😊

Learning perseverance through hands on activities

Learning perseverance through hands on activities

I was browsing the store and found an interesting toy that would be age appropriate for J1.

Little did I know that he would spend almost an afternoon to complete the fixing, with minimal assistance from me.

I realised that he was no longer the little boy whom I know to be inpatient and who could not stand making a wrong move.

Through observing how he fixed the parts of the 35-piece figurine together, I saw that he tried to press on, regardless of how challenging the particular step was.

A few times he fumbled… made a wrong fix, and I half expected a meltdown. But there wasn’t. Not once did he utter a word of unhappiness or complaint that it was too difficult for his level.

At the end of the day, he finally got it right. He had fixed the military vehicle! He swelled with pride and took great joy as he stood to show his end product. 💪☺️

I’m glad that he looks forward to more of such activities and not shun them because they take time and effort to complete. 👍

Hoping to achieve a milestone soon for J2

Hoping to achieve a milestone soon for J2

Potty training has officially started this week! After many on-off attempts, this time, for both J2 and me, we are determined to go through it.

For J2, he gets to choose a Tomica model car from the toy shop when he finally masters it. For me, it is the exhilaration of having to use less diapers (at least forthe day!)

Though there may be accidents from time to time, we are undeterred. We hope to be focused on the end result(s). 😆

And as you can probably guess, he doesn’t consider himself a baby anymore… how they have grown!

What we should never outsource

What we should never outsource

In this day and age, many aspects of our lives are outsourced. The cleaning of our homes, cooking of food, purchase of items such as bak kwa over Chinese New Year, standing in queue for school registration, and child minding.

Yes, we are getting busier and more preoccupied with work, work and more work. How less busy can anyone get, especially when society demands instant gratification? 😆

Here are some things that I felt, if we parents could do it on our own, should never outsource…

1) be the first one they wake up to see, hug and to say ‘Good morning!’ to

2) be the one they go to for comfort, when they have a really tough day, or need a listening ear

3) be the one to give them a ‘high five’ when they have achieved a milestone

4) be the source of encouragement and inspiration in their pursuit of useful knowledge

5) be that voice to instruct and teach when the is necessity to correct and guide in the right path

6) be the setter of routines and structures that children can follow and develop a sense of timing of activities

And there can be many more.

What else can you think of to add to the list?

Picnic at home

Picnic at home

As the boys were home today, we had a change of routine for breakfast, with a picnic, in the hall! 😆

J2 was still recovering from a bout of hives, and so outdoor activities were not allowed for him. Being home was the best alternative and I had had to make it fun and meaningful.

The picnic idea worked really well and we had such fun! With an OCBC picnic mat spread out, we had food put into plates and laid on the mat. Breakfast was served buffet style and the boys felt so thrilled to sit and eat and talk.

I had prepared finger food so that mess would be minimised. They also had honey lemon prior to breakfast, which helped whet their appetites and get them hydrated.

Breakfast was a variety of scrambled eggs, sliced bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers and pork pau. Though it was a simple meal, it was thoroughly enjoyable as the setting was relaxing and they could help themselves to a repeated helping of the food till they were full.

I had expected to save half of what I had prepared for lunch, but was surprised to see most of the food eaten up for breakfast!

Good way to start the day, and both boys did not feel tired nor hungry till late afternoon.

Hope to have an outdoor picnic real soon with some friends! ❤️🤗

Learning with pride

Learning with pride

It has been quite a while since I last entered a post. Lately, my family hasn’t been feeling too well, and hopefully now we are back on track. ☺️

J2 has been actively acquiring knowledge from his surroundings and through J1, who teaches him quite a fair bit of good and not so good antics. Haha. That aside, J2 went on to some serious learning and has been showing interest in activity books.

It was a heartening moment for me to see him trying to join the dot to the line of his Kumon book, and to insist on doing the exercises on his own. Such independence made my day and he was attempting to assert that he was able to cope on his own.

For a toddler, to me at least, it was a feat. He had never written nor drawn much in his life, but had the courage to want to take on learning to a personal level. Great job!

How else could I motivate him intrinsically but to let him choose a set of pencils to own and use. 😆 So off we went, and he chose a colourful set of children’s triangular pencils, of which he took very very good care of.

As he prepares for nursery in 2019, he knows he needs to be ready for the challenges coming up. As his Mum, I hope to be that source of encouragement and motivation to help him find his gifts and guide him in ways where he needs one.